Impromptu Poetry | Poem

Hey Guys!

As a lot of you know, I love to write and share my poetry. Since, I was feeling a little low on creativity, I asked my friends Arzoo and Ushma, to suggest some random words that they would like for me to include in my poem. They suggested the following words:


I was given 10 minutes to create a poem out of these, and here it is!

Like a nincompoop, I fumbledwith deserted dreams of desires, crumpled.
And when helium filled balloons shot up the sky,
and a baby who used to laugh at peekaboos started to cry,
I was at the world’s edge,
and it had started on a downwards spiral.

Like the daisy, full of fragrance and cheer,
share the spaghetti with a friend and peer.
That cauliflower, where tiny individuals combine together as one.
Like a lotus in the pond, be the shining Sun.
In the world spinning like Fibonacci‘s spiral,
Make yourself full of love, and let that love be viral!

Hope you enjoyed this not-so-polished, impromptu poem.

Srish. xx


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