The Silent Shadow | Poem

The parched shadow that follows behind,
silence and peace, that we beg to find.
But those dark bodies seem so quiet,
a false illusion of a flickering desire.

As the big ship sails and the smaller sinks,
that timid shadow sits and thinks.
The silence is just a curtain,
a light that is not certain.

The life we get, the one we beg,
those tries that fail
and cries that are in vain.
The silent shadow,  the anchor dragging you down.

The suppressed feelings
that are blocked without healing.
The choice that is lost
with birth,  you pay the cost.

The Sun fades away,
and the shadow is lost.
Without music and sound you sway
should you get up now,  or silently drown?

You conquer the world,
make yourself heard.
One half of the crowd,
everyone has a right to be proud.

Hope you like the poem.

Srish. Xx


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