A Work In Progress | Book Review

You’ll walk taller, and as long as you follow your gut, you won’t stray far in life. – Connor Franta

Title : A Work In Progress

Author : Connor Franta

Genre : Memoir

My Rating : Star Rating (4/5)

This fascinating memoir portrays the journey of Connor Franta. Yep, our very own Mr Frantastic. Known for his artsy nature, his inspirational videos, imaginative thinking and coffee addiction, he digs deeper and connects with his true self, and then, he shares his journey with his audience.

Connor is humorous in his own way. The chatty nature of his videos comes forward in this novel. The first thing I felt when I started reading this novel was that it actually felt like I was watching one of Connor’s videos. I could see him say the things he was writing, I could hear him smile while he wrote about his childhood, and shared with us letters from his parents.

The stories from his childhood are much like our own. I could connect with these stories, and that is how I knew that Connor is no different from you and I. It is just that he acted upon his dreams. His confidence and determination are a reflection of his words and are constant throughout the novel. The fact that he appreciates his individuality, his thinking and is humble about his upbringing and his followers, shows the beauty of his personality. 

Connor encourages us to pursue our dreams, even if our dream careers or life choices are not mainstream. He shares with his readers the importance of individuality and why it is important to know where you belong. Embarrassment and failure should never hold us down. Connor says, ” “So what? Who cares? If you fail, you fail. Big deal.” Success involves failing first.”.

He talks about social standards and self image. I quote one of my favourite quotes from the book here, and that says it all; “Once we learn to accept who we are, imperfections and all, then—and only then—can we achieve our full potential. Forget about negative self-image and self-judgment. It’s about self-love, and no one teaches you that at school. No one teaches you that if you accept and love yourself, nothing and no one can touch you.” We stop doing things we love because of this negative self-judgement and that is the root of the problem. Do what you love, and you will find like minded people, who support and appreciate what you love. Maybe, they love the exact same thing too!

I would definitely recommend this book to all my readers! No matter your age, it is definitely a must read.

Srish. xx


8 thoughts on “A Work In Progress | Book Review

  1. When I first came across this book at the book store I didn’t had a chance to read about it but I’m definitely looking in to it now, thanks for your review 🙂

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