Dubai Adventures| Day 1

Hey Guys!

I visited Dubai in October 2014 and am here to write a travelogue/travel guide on a day to day basis!

So, on the first day, we landed in Dubai early in the morning (sometime around 5:30). Our hotel was in a beautiful location, and walking distance from the Dubai Museum and best of all, walking distance to a metro station!

After resting for a bit, my parents and I went out for a little stroll. We walked down to Meena Bazaar, gawked at shops and enjoyed the hustle bustle and the fast pace of the city. We then booked ourselves a a Desert Safari from a Tourist Information Centre. The 4×4 drive car picked us up from the hotel and then we went Dune Bashing. Dune bashing was one of the best experiences I have had, ever.

We then stopped for some sunset photography in the middle of the desert (figuratively). It was then time to go further into some camps set up by the safari tourism. I enjoyed a short camel ride on the sand, and enjoyed having a yummy gahwa (Arabic Coffee). Then there was a show with some traditional costumes, puppets and belly dancing! I also got myself a henna tattoo done. All this was followed by some BBQ dinner. We then returned to our hotel, happy and excited for the next day!

Srish. xx


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